Hamro Sansar ltd is an independent care service for those ages 16+. Our team of experienced, expert professionals are representative of our core values, supporting young people in our care.

We help transform the lives of young people, assisting in their becoming of independence as responsible young adults. We aim to help create a community of independent young thinkers acting as a helping hand to better their future providing maximum support and advice.

We seek to advance their skills such as money management, employability, interpersonal and social skills as well as confidence.

Helping hands for a better future.

Our Mission

  • Safe and positive residential experience
  • Educational support, skills and knowledge
  • 24 hrs care support available
  • Positive experience of living in group which helps in building up friendly relationships with other young people
  • To build up their confidence, trust and ability to care themselves.
  • To maintain and develop the contact between their family, friends and cultural/religious network
  • Able to make their own decisions with confidence
  • Providing all levels of support and environment to promote personal growth & development
  • Acting as a helping hands for their better future with full support, advice and assistance in developing their skills which includes socials skills, paying bills, money management, cooking, self confidence, finding employment and education

Meet The Team

Utsav Lama

Mr. Utsav Lama is the director and the founder of Hamro Sansar ltd. He is very passionate and fascinating character. A person with the vision to uplift the society by bringing up with care and nurture the society responsibly. He believes that these young people are the future of our society if there is helping hand they will be guided towards the right path.