Accommodation services are designed to provide an environment that is both safe and supportive for its residents, in turn inspiring and curating hope to enable residents to manage their general and mental wellbeing. The aim is to provide a practical route to independence for young people, including those who have been previously accommodated by local authorities. After being in supported accommodation services, young people will have gained the necessary skills and knowledge in order for them to be able to live independently. 

What are the benefits of accommodation services for young people?

1.    A warm, homely and healthy environment
2.    Guidance by trained professionals
3.    Preparation for independent living outside of our services
4.    Opportunity to socialise and build relationships with peers in a similar situation as them
5.    Daily support and mentoring

Accommodation services ensure that once a young person has moved in, they are given the help they need to ensure stability. Often young people coming into accommodation services will have obstacles, which the staff provide support in order to overcome. Staff can help young people gain work experience, learn basic cooking skills and even how to manage finances in order to shape them for an independent future.  Some may want guidance on where to go next – to work, or back to college or off to university and will be supported in each step of the way.

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