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Great care taken to assess referrals in particular, any emergency referrals; to ensure the correct balance/matching within the existing group of residents is maintained. Hamro Sansar Semi Independent Living operates and is geared towards working with the service user, using the organisations, assessment, care planning and review system to highlight the areas for working with the service user and specifically the key targets or priorities. These include:


  • Supporting the service user in relation to acquiring training qualifications at / college or education centre that would enable them to possibly undertake a career of his/her choice. This could also take the form of taking up volunteer


  • Assisting the service user to maintain and establish positive relationships with his/her family (where this is appropriate).
  • Educating the service user on matters concerning mental and health awareness, providing therapeutic care, where
  • Empowering the service user to participate in group programmes at Hamro Sansar Semi Independent Living, in order to enhance his/her self-esteem and social
  • Working in partnership with Placing Authorities and significant others to develop programmes / plans with the service
  • Supporting and assist the service user in developing skills and knowledge in preparation for moving into